Factory Direct Product Sourcing

We work directly with our carefully picked factories so that our customers have complete transparency at the most competitive prices possible. Our factories go through a rigorous audit and meet all sustainability guidelines and practices.

Supply Chain Management

From raw materials to finished goods, Timroon oversees the entire process, eliminating the headaches ensued when dealing with multiple vendors across multiple countries. We are your eyes and ears, on the ground 24/7, to ensure your product is made on time and to spec.


Timroon offers a very innovative and hands on development process. We have our own development team in Ho Chi Minh City that works with our customers through every step of the development process.



Timroon works with our clients to integrate a custom quality control procedure that is inherently unique for every product. That way, we can manage our clients products in the exact manner they expect.



Timroon is your end-to-end logistics solution. We manage the most cost-effective logistics solutions to get your product from here to there.



Timroon has been working and living in Vietnam for nearly a decade. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing in Vietnam. Whether you are looking to find a factory or to set up a team in Vietnam, Timroon can help you.