Quality Assurance Services


We have been in Vietnam since 2014 but this year has been a game changer for companies of all sizes moving manufacturing from China to Vietnam. With the influx of business to Vietnam, we’ve just launched a new flat-rate service for 3rd party QC in Vietnam. We’ve saved companies thousands of dollars and many nights of sleep, by hiring our Western-managed team of QC experts to conduct 3rd party QC on products in Vietnam.

Our expert inspectors will visit your supplier, inspect your products, and deliver an incredibly comprehensive inspection reports on our findings.

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

Also known as Initial Ore-Production Checks (IPC), are usually carried out before production starts. For this inspection, components and materials are inspected and validated to make sure they match your requirements.

In-Process Check

During Production Inspections (DUPRO), takes place when 10-50% of your goods are completed and packed. Units are inspected at random from the production lines. Potential delays caused by production errors and quality defects can be caught early and reworked on site.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) know as Final Random Inspection (FRI) occurs when 100% of production is completed, and 80% of the goods have been packaged.



A container loading check, also known as (CLC) takes place once production is complete and your goods have been packed and loaded into containers, ready for transport. Your specifications, labeling, barcodes, and packing materials are all checked to match your requirements.



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Timroon has resided in Vietnam for nearly a decade. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing in Vietnam. Whether you are looking to find a factory or set up a team in Vietnam, Timroon can help you.